Blue Host

As with many larger and older hosting companies, Bluehost has an outdated and untidy interface.

It’s not terrible compared to some of the others I’ve seen (GoDaddy), but it’s certainly not the charming and clean dashboard that you get from places like FlyWheel.

The good news is that Bluehost provides a wonderful one-click installation for WordPress. Not only that, but it has a specially created plan to integrate WooCommerce on your WordPress site.

Bluehost’s back-end e-commerce hosting is easy to move, so you can manage your email accounts to stay in touch with your customers and all databases are directly in the dashboard. The CPanel offers some quick buttons to create subdomains and domains, which is wonderful to expand your ecommerce empire and create other websites that could help you along the way.

That said, it’s still a bad dashboard that can confuse beginners with the e-commerce hosting game. However, you should not have a problem if you are able to hire someone who knows what they are doing or if you take the time to get to know Bluehost through articles and videos.

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The WPEngine hosting platform is built for WordPress, so even beginners can be set up on the content management system. You have to install the WooCommerce plugin by yourself, but WPEngine has partnered with WooCommerce to offer a wide range of documentation options and features that have been created to make your e-commerce site run smoothly from the back-end.

There is also a WooCommerce toolkit, but it is only available for some payment plans and you need to reach the support team to get it. That said, WPEngine support is big enough, so they could simply install WooCommerce for you anyway.

As for the interface, it is definitely more modern than hosts like Bluehost and SiteGround, but in reality it is just a list of links. It makes a simple navigation process around the dashboard, and you can find all kinds of information about DNS, bandwidth and storage space. Your site’s migrations are also performed through the dashboard and have an SSL page to see if your transactions are secure.