Also chosen by several web masters to create websites, GoDaddy offers hosting packages at standard prices and a quality service also in Italian. Honestly, I also find the domain registration panel very user-friendly and fast.

Server performance and the security level of their machines are above average. Even with GoDaddy you can take advantage of a control panel like cPanel, to easily use many features like automatic backups and install WordPress (or other CMS) with one click.

Hosting plans with domain start from a few € a month for a website, with 10GB of storage; email is free only the first year.

The cPanel is included in all plans, while the SSL certificate is included in the price only for the Ultimate plan.

Even with GoDaddy you can have a free domain for a year, but, unfortunately, the .it is not included in the offer, while you can take advantage instead on SiteGround. Furthermore, with SiteGround you have unlimited email accounts and no additional costs.

A strong point of GoDaddy is the amount of available extensions: you can register localized domains, such as .it, or even newer extensions, such as .company and .guru, also enjoying advantageous offers. For example, by purchasing a localized domain, you are offered a package to purchase the other “top-level” extensions (.com / .info / .net) at a discounted price.

The intuitiveness of the service, starting from the purchasing process, makes it simple even for the less experienced who are registering a domain for the first time.

For any needs, is equipped with telephone support in Italian, but we have also published a guide on How to buy a domain on GoDaddy in 10 steps with the advice you need for your new website.