Wix is ​​also a brand that has made a name for itself in the web-building industry and was one of the next-generation web tools. It is ideal for beginners and easy to use. In addition, it offers enough attractions for beginners to be interested before embarking on paid schemes.


Free Website Builder (Wix!)

Online Store

Free templates

Wix Apps


Disk space: 500MB

Bandwidth: 500MB

Database: Property

Control Panel: Owner

 Powerful and free web editor but with advertising

Guarantees reliability and availability

You get what you pay for and, apart from an extensive knowledge base, free accounts, you can email them and try your luck. Only premium accounts get faster answers to any questions or problems they may encounter.

Upgrade options

Since its plans are designed to fit features into websites, Wix at higher levels can be expensive. However, these prices include features such as form designers, email campaigns, and even site reviews by professionals. At the lowest, it reaches $ 4.50 a month and can reach up to 24.50 a month.

What’s wrong with free Wix domain hosting?

Again, Wix is ​​another proprietary engine, which means it will try to restrain you in every possible way. The good news is that it works better with other tools than Weebly. It is therefore compatible with some tools such as Caspio, a free database platform. Oh yes, and Wix is ​​not without advertising. If you do not participate in a paid plan, the Wix ads on your site will be glued eagerly.